March of the mini cities

"Sleepy Sidewalks", an acrylic painting on 4" x 4" x 2" wood block

Day 190: Sleepy Sidewalks

A Saturday morning in San Francisco is one of the kindest ways to wake up after a night of partying. The ocean mist it pulls over itself each night in the evening like a trusty down comforter burns off stubbornly, complaining to the sun and trying to sleep in. The cool air feels fabulous to breathe in, as if you’re walking around inside a giant humidifier, and probably hydrates you a little bit through osmosis to help you get up those suddenly steep hills. The bright colors of the buildings covering the landscape like lego bricks are subdued by the lingering fog. The city says, “it’s cool, man. I still have sleep in my eyes too. Wanna hit up a locally owned organic café for some soy mochas and fresh muffins?” And my answer is “Hell yes, SF! I love you.”

Today’s painting is a cityscape on woodblock honoring the sleepy morning sidewalks of SanFran. It looks nice with “Coy Coit” from day 188, see?

"Sleepy Sidewalks" with "Coy Coit"

If you are new to the blog and wondering if any pieces are for sale or how to inquire, you can call ‘dibs’ here on the blog in the comments or on my Facebook fan page to get first crack at purchasing something. Check out this page for more information on purchasing art.


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