A fabulous, nourishing talk on creativity

As the start of this project grows nearer, I’m having little freakout moments and looking for ways to make sure I’m charged up creatively. A friend of mine sent me this link the other day and it’s a perfect, important thing for any artist to see. So if you’re struggling or feeling blah about your artmaking, give it a watch. It just might perk you up. 🙂



Counting down- 3 days left till lift off!

Stockpile of canvases and sketchbooks? Check.
Junk dragged out of the studio? Check.
Brushes cleaned and ready to go? Check.
Art supplies categorized neatly? ..half check.

So I’m getting there. I’ve actually really wanted to create some art these past couple of days, but I’m saving up my creative energies for a few days from now.

Discussed some collaborative ideas with a few artist pals, and looking forward to posting some completed pieces.

Getting ready…

As I prepare to embark upon this self-imposed “art kick in the ass”, my feelings are mixed. On one hand, I’m elated at the idea of just getting going with the full intention of completing a piece of art every single day. On the other hand, I have never been good with creating (healthy) habits- vitamins, flossing, exercise- efforts to make these things happen daily have never gone well, so of course there’s the looming threat of failure. But the “what-ifs” never really go away, right? So, it’s off to collect sketchbooks, organize my studio and drag out all my dead and dying supplies, because that clock is ticking!

Once January 1st kicks off, I’ll be posting here daily, probably in the afternoons or evenings, after making something, photographing it, uploading it, and then documenting it here. Stay tuned!