Ceci n’est pas un édredon

"Symbols", a mini art quilt in 8x10 frame

Day191: ‘Symbols’ Mini Art Quilt

My husband Rob loaded some great videos on to my iPod recently, and yesterday I started listening to the top of the list- Alan Watts, talking about symbols and meaning, which some brilliant person paired with the “ceci n’est pas une pipe” Magritte painting here on YouTube.

While I usually listen to music while making art (Ratatat is my new favorite band), I wasn’t doing something intensive at the time and decided to give it a try. It was interesting, and apparently it sunk in a bit. Today I made a mini art quilt and the concept of words, ideas, images and symbols became the foundation of the piece even though I didn’t know what I would make when I got started.

Vintage turtle pincushion says, "Wow!" But then again, he is easily impressed. 😉

“An art quilt? In only a day, you say? Pshaw!”

Oh, but it’s true, I tell you! In fact, I’ll bet you could make your very own with stuff from around the house if you put your mind to it.

“Now you sound like the host of Design on a Dime.”

A-ha! So you secretly love cheap crafting. Don’t worry, you don’t need to come out and confess it to me. Just check out this instructable I wrote and learn how to make your own awesome piece like today’s mini art quilt, ‘Symbols’, step-by-easy-step. 🙂

Old frame from around the house - glass + paint = perfect way to finish a mini art quilt!

P.S. For the 99% of my readers who do not speak French, today’s post title reads “this is not a quilt”. 🙂 Correct me if I’m wrong, Sophie!

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