Shape of things to come & spreading the love!


Testing, testing, 1 2 3… I am attempting to publish my first-ever blog post from my smartphone in preparation for a new daily art project. As I announced in my recent newsletter, I’ll be starting another year-long daily project in August called “Poems & Pictures”. I plan to post a short poem and image every day- so being able to do it with my phone will be a key component of success!

What is hopefully visible in this post as well is a photo of my newest cityscape-in-progress. Stay tuned to watch it develop! (Note: my phone sent this post into publishing purgatory, but that’s just as well because I have something exciting to tell you about next…)

I don’t usually share my blog spotlight with others.. (hee hee), but here’s something I’m really into that I thought y’all might enjoy as well.

"Try to understand other people", art print by Nicole Docimo

One of my artist friends- Nicole Docimo of BlueBicicletta–  is trying to get a letterpress project funded on Kickstarter and she could use your help. If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter, it’s an amazing online platform designed to help creative projects get funded by the world at large. You post your project, offer great gifties for those who donate, and then donations are only applied if the project gets fully funded by the deadline.

"The blooming inside her" art print by Nicole Docimo

What’s letterpress printing, you say? Ah, letterpress… a dying art, a labor of love, a fascination with font- the art of graphic design at its most basic and beautiful. Nicole Docimo, the artist behind this idea, has a deep love of life and is perennially pursuing the elegance of simplicity. Her affection for words is evident in her high-contrast illustrations that frequently incorporate her poetry.

Nicole and her work have inspired me- head over to her description of her project HERE and become a backer for as little as $1. She has 22 days left and could use your help! Thanks for reading, everyone.