Is the art from ArtProject2010 for sale or what??

YES, this art is for sale! Check my etsy shop or contact me to see if a piece you’re interested in is still available.

Do you ever show/sell work in person? I like to see art in person instead of just online.

Yes. I show and sell artwork in person several times a year in Sacramento and in San Francisco at various locations. Check (click portfolio, then click news & events) for upcoming showings, or contact me! Sometimes I can meet you if you’re local to show you a piece you’re interested in.

I will also post news of events I’m participating in here on the blog & on the Facebook Fan Page. If you don’t want to miss anything, subscribe to the blog. You’ll get emails every day with my new posts just by entering your email address in the “subscribe” bar on the right side of the blog.

What about commissions? Or if I want to see more pictures? Or if I have a personal question to ask you?

I do take commissions, I always have more pictures, and as long as it’s not extremely personal, I’m down to answer your burning questions. Just send me an email: Thanks!

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