Howdy readers!

So, you may have noticed some missing posts and tardiness on my part lately, and if you’re guessing that my art eyes are bigger than my proverbial stomach these days, you’re guessing correctly.

Out of straight-up necessity, I’m going on a temporary hiatus with the daily poems & pictures. I’ll still be sharing exciting art news, but I will pick up the daily posting again within the next couple of months when I’m able to get some items off of my plate. Thanks for your support and understanding.


College Radio DJ

The college radio dj

plays awesome indie songs

even Pandora doesn’t know about

apologizes for the “mainstream” request

from her niece and admits she likes it too

sits too far away from the microphone

stops a song in the middle because

it has more swearing than she remembered

fades off the dial into the farmlands

as I pass the state jail


thank goodness

the cogs cannot rebel

the pumps don’t take days off

the pistons won’t call in sick

to work, the keys don’t object

to the locks

how screwed we would be

if the nuts and bolts

and gears just walked


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