The Donkey

The family fountain

[well, not our family’s, but some family’s]

holds years and years of wishes

[well… probably just a few weeks’ worth at a time

the rest probably get donated

or maybe rotated into the tip jar]


As a kid I tried to get them into the top

thinking somehow the lower they went in,

the lower my wish-granting chances


As an adult I try to focus on the intent and don’t worry about my toss, but

failing even that effort to concentrate,

I wonder as it flips through the air

what range of wishes the fountain has heard…


“I wish for a million dollars”

“I wish for world peace”

“I wish to not get heartburn from eating too much of that giant burrito”


The knowing water hears my aimless mind-babble

recognizing me still after all these years

and trickles lightly like laughter

as my penny plunks in




Heaven is definitely an ice cream parlour
at least in the welcome center

Just like the report card reward
days family field trips to Swensen’s
who made clown hats with cones
and always left us cold
crunching slushy tiny ice cubes
on metal spoons that made my teeth water

or Leatherby’s who hand-made
chocolate whipped cream and
served sundaes with cookies
before calories, lactose and shame

And waffle cones.
They’ll definitely have waffle cones.


This is what the end of the world looks like


except the etymology of apocalypse is “unveiling”

and it’s not the last cycle in the Mayan calendar

and pretty soon science will merge with spirit through quantum physics

and our collective insanity will somehow simply melt away

as we realize our interconnectedness

and embrace new solutions to sweep away old problems

and embark upon a Roddenberry-esque era of peace and cooperation


that, or total annihilation in a mass of hellfire.

In which case I won’t have to pay back my student loans.

So there’s that.