Back in virtual action

Feeling the love in the studio...

Hello! I haven’t seen you in forever! I missed you, blog reader. Thanks for being patient with my absence from the digital world these past couple of months. I didn’t have a mental breakdown, reach a creative impasse, or fall off the face of the earth. It was the busiest time of year for my job as a field representative for Santa Fe University of Art & Design, I painted a giant heart for the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, and I created this commission piece for Kelly & Rachelle Collins:

"Elevens", mixed media piece on 33" x 33" wood panel

Here are some detail shots:

"R" for Rachelle, "K" for Kelly, and a C for Collins (out of view)

With their 11th year wedding anniversary on 11/11/11, Kelly wanted steel, the traditional 11th year wedding gift, incorporated into the piece. I rusted in an eleven and heart.

11 mementos from the Collins' travels hang like wedding cans from a "bumper" on this truck-inspired abstract

A big thank you to Rachelle & Kelly for allowing me to be part of their anniversary celebration!

What’s that, reader?

“Yeah, that’s great and all, but back up a second- did you say painted a giant heart up there?”

Oh right! San Francisco General Hospital operates SF’s only trauma center, providing comprehensive care to the most severely injured patients 24/7- regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. “Hearts in SF” is an annual fundraiser, going since 2004, in which artists decorate large and small heart sculptures which are auctioned off to help support this public hospital.

This year, I was selected to participate as a large heart artist. I had 2 months (those same busiest time of the year months!) to finish it. It was recently completed and I will absolutely be sharing more details- including photos- in December after the official press release. 🙂

In the meantime, I will be diving back into my daily poems & pictures challenge. Stay tuned for that to begin again, and thanks for being you.