The painting that shall not be named


Unnamed painting, 24″ x 30″ oil on canvas

Or apparently photographed properly. I love it when WordPress changes their dashboard and makes me publish posts mid-draft. ANY WAY, I finished this piece yesterday. Still haven’t named it yet, don’t know why the past couple haven’t popped out their titles at me like they usually do.

Later today, I’m headed to the Preview Gala at KVIE for this year’s annual art auction. A piece I donated, Tenants, will be available for auction and on the air Saturday, September 28th at about 3:30 pm.

Going forward, expect relative silence from me in the fall, but rest assured- I have a plan. A plan to make higher volumes of affordable original cityscapes with renewed focus in a set of series that I’m super stoked about. More to come…


Open Studios Sacramento this weekend!

Capital Artists’ Studio Tour is this weekend! (And next, but if you want to visit my open studio, it’s this weekend only!)

Visit me at my home studio, 5850 Bridgecross Dr. in Sacramento, CA. Located in North Natomas near the airport / Elkhorn and freeways 5 & 80, there’s plenty of street parking in our neighborhood.

Hours are 10am to 5 pm Saturday, September 8 & Sunday, September 9. Visit to download the guide and plan your tour.

I’m dragging out the oldie-but-goodies and the greatest hits. Wine and snacks are at the ready…

…and I even got flowers for you guys. Awwww! 😉 See you there, art lovers!