Found you out

"Found", a Nancy Drew poem block

Day 361: “Found”, a poem block

I love orange. I’ve had orange hair, I’ve painted my walls orange, I use it endlessly in jewelry and paintings, I have an orange jacket and an orange purse (thanks mom!)…it’s almost become a color obsession, if one can have such a thing. I remember thinking orange and brown were the two ugliest colors in the world as a kid, so who knows why it changed suddenly. I don’t even know if other people like orange that much, but I just can’t get away from it for long.

Today’s piece is another poem block (in orange, surprise!), made with acrylic paint, liquid watercolor and snippets from a vintage Nancy Drew book on a slice of fence post. These poem blocks measure about 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″. This one reads: “found you out/ looking for what/ you knew you couldn’t/ accept”. I also used a bit of oil pastel. The naples yellow provides a nice bright contrast on this orange-rust piece. The orange drips heavy down the top part of the block. Only four days left, boys and girls!


2 thoughts on “Found you out

  1. rein says:

    Orange is a great color! I love teal and purple. Yet my wardrobe is nothing but black and gray lol. I am feeling kinda gray about your blog almost “ending” I know you will still keep it up…but its been so cool following you on this journey 😦


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