The girl became

"the girl became", a Nancy Drew poem block

Day 360: “the girl became”, a poem block

Oh my gosh, people! Day 360! I feel very much like a kid in that last week of school before summer vacation… in that I’m mentally checked out, but physically here. Then again, I don’t need my mind so much with all of my art making, as it tends to interfere with the creative process from time to time.

I’m still focusing on filling sold-art-holes for my gallery space, so while I did some work on a half-finished cityscape today, I also finished this poem block. It reads “the girl became/ anything/ but herself”. Mom informed me yesterday that I have to do something cool for the last day of the blog, which I should probably have contemplated some time prior to the very last week of this project, so we’ll see what I can pull out of my hat for that. 😉 Here’s this piece from the side:


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