If you’re going to San Francisco…

Side view; wood grain radiates upwards in this piece.

Day 282: Docile

It’s back to the woodblocks today with another pastoral scene from the Angels Camp area. This one features an oasis-like strip of green and trees between the meadow and hills with a tiny little orange building and windmill.

Detail shot

Hey you! Do you live in the bay area? What are you doing tomorrow? Unless you have a really cool answer like “crepes and horseback riding”, you need to get your butt to the city! San Francisco Artists’ Open Studios are on! Hundreds of amazing artists have spent months planning and prepping to put together great shows, wine, food, demonstrations and generally welcoming parties for art lovers like you! I recommend 1890 Bryant Street Studios, where 25 artists have gathered to make life easier on you (i.e. parking/driving) including three of my favorites, Trish Tunney, DK Haas and Catherine Mackey. Read more about this month-long event and get maps here: http://www.artspan.org/sf-open-studios

"Docile" acrylic on woodblock, 3.5"x3.5"x1.5"

In case you’re wondering, I’m not participating as I live out here in Sacramento. Sacramento’s recent Capitol Artists’ Open Studios only included artists within 4 miles of the Contemporary Art Center, which excluded me. So we’ll see about next year. I mean, I’m not moving or anything, but perhaps some industrious organizer will expand that radius. 🙂


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