They say love.. it is a river…

"Love Molecule" Abstract acrylic painting on 16x20" canvas


Day 281: Love Molecule

Rob is some kind of amazing internet detective who finds information on the coolest forgotten science nuggets I’ve ever heard. One recent discovery was Royal Raymond Rife, a scientist who invented “The Universal Microscope” through which he was able to color-stain live viruses with light (after all, color is frequency) and determine their death frequencies- kind of like when you hit the right frequency to make a glass break. It’s essentially a cure for all viruses with frequency that was proven in live patient tests in 1934- unsurprisingly, this technology has been suppressed. There’s surely a lot more money in prescription drugs than using electricity. Did you know that the doctor who suggested surgeons wash their hands between patients ended up killing himself after becoming a laughingstock?

Detail shot

Today I worked on the doggie costumes and a large scale commission painting. After dinner, I decided to do something besides a woodblock today. I did a drawing study on newsprint the other day and today I finished the painting version of it. It’s got a lot of texture- I sculpted thick Gesso with a palette knife and did some washes of warm colors over it.  It ended up being something that I think resembles what the love molecule might look like if we could see it in color under a microscope. 🙂

(You can get a good explanation of his technology by watching the first 5-6 minutes of this video; the rest is the story of a device built around these ideas and testimonials from patients who’ve used it. Or google Royal Rife.)


Today's painting with the paper study from the other day


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