Trapped in a river of morons

Watercolor pencil & pastel drawing on paper

Day 185: Pizazz

It always amazes me to see how many people will walk right past an art gallery without coming in. Sure, some of them are in a hurry. Maybe they really need to get to a restroom or make a dinner reservation or return to their car before their parking meter expires- I get it. But to notice a gallery, with all manner of colors and wonders inside and the door wide open and a friendly artist at the helm to greet you- what on Earth would compel you to pass by? Clearly, you’re reading this art blog, so I’ll assume you don’t have an answer for me there.

Perhaps you can explain to me instead why so many idiots chose to pull over on the freeway to watch fireworks tonight. I just wanted to get home and get this blog post up in time, but I had to wade through a sea of idiots with cops behind them yelling at them through their loudspeakers to GET OFF THE SHOULDER. It’s not a parking lot, people. It’s a freeway. I hope you all got expensive tickets, you lemmings. 🙂 Happy Independence Day, ladies and gents!

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