Thanks for the sweet composition, nature!

Day 184: Night Shadows

As I spent the day frolicking with my mom doing lovely girl activities like pedicures, shoe shopping and lunching at a wine bar, I didn’t get around to doing my daily art until oh… 9:30 pm or so. Light was fleeting, but I thought I might be able to get some quick silhouettes of the fabulous mature trees of my hometown drawn in my sketchbook. After about 30 seconds of trying that out, I realized it was futile. So I headed off with my back-up plan (i.e. the camera) and relocated in a parking lot bordering a field of Eucalyptus trees.

Picture #2 I liked

I started off taking blurry photos of the trees, hoping for some magic to happen in the slow shutter closure, but then I noticed some cool shadows on the wall of the home improvement store and I realized I could get a silhouette of some of my beloved trees after all. These are the leaves of a California Pepper Tree (and a shrub in one image).

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