I said thumbs down, Pandora!

Love my notebooks...

Day 154: Blue, a Haiku

Pandora! How many times must I Caesar “Vampire Weekend” before you stop playing it on my Interpol channel?! Interpol is haunting and mysterious and sexy. Vampire Weekend is a melonfarming American Apparel YouTube commercial. C’mon already! In fact, enough with vampire everything, okay?! Just knock it off already. Move on to a different movie monster, pop culture. I hear there’s a rare mythical being out there called the “successful artist”. Go find that. 😉

The good news here is that clearly, algorithms don’t (yet) know everything. Which is good, because that means Terminator-for-reals is still pretty far off. I wouldn’t want to have to abandon the art project to engage in a war against homicidal sentient robots.

I spent all day today on a cityscape of a shop corner in the mission district. I love the photo alone because it was taken right after the sun sets when everything is blue and the lights and colors are somehow warmer and more magical than they are when the night’s gone to black. But the great thing about a painting is that I can take a magical photo and make it into a more magical painting… in theory. So far, so good.

Here’s an in-progress shot:

Painfully slow, but we're getting there.

So for today’s start-to-finish piece of art, I wrote a haiku. Enjoy!


like the soft sea air

twilight skies rife with secrets

calmly unconcerned

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