Friday night’s alright for writing

Day 260: A Haiku

I don’t like the feeling of nervousness. Even when it’s nervous anticipation. Teetering on the line between nausea and fear just isn’t my thing. But it’s been with me since I started prepping for the Bravo casting call. And as I have spent almost every waking moment compiling application materials (mainly putting together my GIGANTE portfolio of photos), I am fairly well and pooped….and not done yet. 😀

So in lieu of some hasty painting or drawing, today I’ve composed a haiku about nervousness which I’m pairing with a photo of the street in front of the Crocker Museum I took last month while it was closed on a Sunday morning. I seem to always want to take pictures from the middle of the street, but then I’m nervous about getting hit by careless drivers. So somehow it seemed fitting. 🙂

I plan to post Saturday and Sunday despite being on the road and being put through the reality-show-wringer (i.e. waiting in line for hours on end if it’s anything like last year), as my gracious cousin Jaclyn is accompanying me and bringing her laptop. Fingers crossed!


Oh, you tummy moths

Please settle down already

Aren’t you tired yet?


I said thumbs down, Pandora!

Love my notebooks...

Day 154: Blue, a Haiku

Pandora! How many times must I Caesar “Vampire Weekend” before you stop playing it on my Interpol channel?! Interpol is haunting and mysterious and sexy. Vampire Weekend is a melonfarming American Apparel YouTube commercial. C’mon already! In fact, enough with vampire everything, okay?! Just knock it off already. Move on to a different movie monster, pop culture. I hear there’s a rare mythical being out there called the “successful artist”. Go find that. 😉

The good news here is that clearly, algorithms don’t (yet) know everything. Which is good, because that means Terminator-for-reals is still pretty far off. I wouldn’t want to have to abandon the art project to engage in a war against homicidal sentient robots.

I spent all day today on a cityscape of a shop corner in the mission district. I love the photo alone because it was taken right after the sun sets when everything is blue and the lights and colors are somehow warmer and more magical than they are when the night’s gone to black. But the great thing about a painting is that I can take a magical photo and make it into a more magical painting… in theory. So far, so good.

Here’s an in-progress shot:

Painfully slow, but we're getting there.

So for today’s start-to-finish piece of art, I wrote a haiku. Enjoy!


like the soft sea air

twilight skies rife with secrets

calmly unconcerned

Day 55

Today’s blog post is in Haiku format. I’m introducing a viewer challenge stolen from a blog I love called Create your own haiku about this piece (or this art project) and leave it in the comments! The best one will get a free print (I’m making prints once I get to 200 facebook fans, so spread the word!). 🙂 I’ll be watching for entries until the end of March. Remember- a haiku is a non-rhyming poem made of three lines, in which the first is 5 syllables, the second is 7 and the third is 5. Good luck!

Charcoal born of ash

Sketches fire hydrant in chains

Smudges where rust grows