Day 102: Weeds, a linocut

This morning, I decided to take a drive down to a scenic route off of highway 12 called the “Delta Loop”. I’d passed it driving to my aunt’s in Antioch not long ago, and knew that it was in this area I’d get the landscape images I could use for my art for the blind project. Granted, it’s about an hour away, and it was totally raining balls, but hell- I have the time. I even decided to make it an extra adventure by winging it in the non-GPS car (the other one’s ripe for an oil change).

Oddly enough, the Delta Loop wasn’t clearly marked. I ended up going down some other road that landed me on another highway, and it was only through my uncanny sense of direction (clearly I am wired like a pigeon) that I found the way back. It was a good thing that I went the wrong way, though. The rain eventually cleared and I got some good shots.

I’m planning to work with images with a good sense of foreground and background, then use contrasting textures to represent the items in the landscape.

I’m also considering writing some poems focusing on the non-visual sensory perceptions I had while taking these images- the sweet, green smell of wildflowers, the brisk wind whipping my hair in my face, the cold, pelting crazy bullet rain (seriously, you can SEE it in the sheep picture), the tiny trees in the distance like echoes of the larger ones lining the road- to help make the art more successful for the visually impaired community.

And while I COULD have used a photo for today’s artwork, I decided to do another linocut with a weed from my yard anyway. Why? Because I love you guys, that’s why.

I’ll be announcing the winner of the Day 55 Haiku contest, who will be receiving a free print, on April 15th! I figure it’ll make tax day a little sweeter for someone. I’m also still backtracking to make sure I haven’t missed any dibs calls and will be contacting all my “dibbers” with info on their desired pieces soon. Thanks everyone!

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