Day 101: Garden Flowers, a linocut

It’s been lots of paintings lately, so today I thought I’d bust out the linoleum and carving tools. The flowers I’d clipped from the garden to bring to the art show for a bit of nature’s cheer on the display table had opened up a bit more and looked at me and said, “Hey. You cut us and now we’re going to wilt. Why don’t you immortalize us in a linocut to make up for it?” I don’t draw a lot of flowers, but I figured the bouquet had a point there.

What I like about linocuts is the simplified mechanism of the stamp, the focus on contrast and the need to make my brain work in reverse, which it doesn’t like to do and complains about. Even with sharp tools, there’s only so much detail you can get, so you have to work with line and contrast. I even like the bits where the ink collects along the edges. It makes me think of centuries-old German woodcuts.

I think this one ended up a little busy; I will probably do a few more with more focus on individual blossoms.

4 thoughts on “Day 101: Garden Flowers, a linocut

  1. I like it but instead of feeling like it’s too busy, I wonder what it would look like flipped upside down. The top feels heavy and the bottom a bit light…


  2. Jennan says:

    I love it! But you know I’m partial to flowers. I almost bought the supplies to make one of my own the other day when I was browsing through the craft store here. It’s a ben franklin, very similar to michael’s with it’s heavy emphasis on crafts over fine arts, but sadly the only place to buy art supplies that I’ve found here. The last linocut I did was of a feather in high school. I like yours a lot better! 🙂


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