Day 15

I wonder who originally decreed that all office furniture be produced in only the most depressing shade of each drab color. Not just “gray”, not just “taupe”. They chose narcolepsy-inducing grays, fake-vomit-beiges. And it’s not at all necessary. I get that they don’t want to detract from work, but there are a lot of grays and quite a few muted browns, really. In fact, I love gray and brown. I love slate blue-gray like pavement wet from fog. I love bright yellow-gray, like morning sunlight burning through the low clouds. I love green-gray, like the water of the bay. And I love deep dark chocolate brown, and caramel latte browns…alright, essentially any brown that I can associate with dessert.

This is why the red Swingline stapler from the movie Office Space is a cultural icon. Not only do these corporations suck the life out of their employees, they suck the color out of life.

So in honor of Friday and the 3-day weekend, I did a very colorful painting. It started with red and orange. I love poppy red, it’s by far my favorite color. But sometimes I get stuck in one color and don’t know what to do.

After walking away from it for awhile, the Prop 8 trial floated into my head. I am so upset that this issue has had to go this far. It’s just insane that there are still people arguing that gays don’t deserve the equal right to marry. Every time I think about it, I want to do something violent. But instead of finding some poor soul or object to take my frustration out on, I was inspired by the rainbow and starting adding different colors. I finished it off with some texture and heavy gel, et voila! A piece like this would brighten up a cubicle any day. Rob captured “the magic in action”. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Day 15

    • Thanks Malea! You use some great colors yourself. Yes, I’m really hoping this case has a happy ending. I was very shocked and dismayed about how the vote came out, and I’m hopeful it will be rectified- finally.


  1. Geri says:

    Nice job, as you may know I ,too, like color. I love the inspiration for the color. Thanks. This has been a long week, 12 straight days and I’m exhausted. But I admit, I wait to see what you have created before retiring for the evening. I am very proud of you.


    • Thanks mama! I hope you aren’t losing sleep waiting for the updates! It gets late some days. You have an excellent eye for color; that’s probably where I get my love of it. This painting has a lot of the same colors as your gorgeous lamp, doesn’t it? See you Sunday!


  2. bluebicicletta says:

    I agree about prop 8—absolutely ridiculous. Me and my husband often rant about it to each other. Nice piece—I love the repeated shapes—I love the way you use squares and circles! I do love geometry in art myself. Sometimes there’s no better place to start than a shape. I’ve done many pieces that started with a triangle.


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