The rain stops hinting

and takes it outside

to make good on its threats

and the slick streets shout out again

swinging light around like drunk fists


Hey, look at that! I’m late posting polls again. What a surprise! You know us artist-types. Just so unreliable… 😉


3 thoughts on “Slick

  1. margret Scott says:

    Dear Marianne – there may be some days in which you feel as if nobody really reads your blog, and why bother posting, etc…Well, I am here to tell you that I LOVE your blog! 🙂 I read it as much as I can, every chance I get! I went all the way back to Jan. 1, 2010 when the Art Project challenge began, and read your daily insertions. I can’t tell you how inspiring it is!!! Truly! I have learned so much about art, various artists, different mediums, styles, even political/environmental issues! You are an amazing writer! You make me laugh, think deeply, reflect. I want to thank you so much for contributing your blog to the human race. We need more stuff like this!
    Plus, you are an amazing, talented artist! I love your work, and I especially love how you write about your thought process for each piece. That is particularly intriguing to me, because I am not an artist, and I am always baffled as to how the creative person’s brain works…i.e. the process. Your blog was a great idea, I wonder if it can be made into a book? Simply because you write very well, very engaging, warm, inviting, interesting, clearly, etc…
    Anyway, I will stop gushing now. I just thought my enjoyment of your work necessitated(?) a note from me to you.
    Question: Your photos are particularly intriguing….they look as if they are taken with an old Holga….some with the tinted lenses, etc…are they? Or, are those interesting sort of photos I’m referring to taken from instragram? Just curious. Thanks for sharing!
    Your newest fan,
    Margret Scott
    Mill Valley, CA
    I wish I could tell you how I stumbled on your blog, but I can’t remember…I think I may have googled “linocut”


    • Hello Margret! Thank you for your wonderful words. They couldn’t have come at a better time. Just yesterday I was feeling unusually disheartened about things, and then your comment appeared like a love note from the universe to encourage me to hang in there. 🙂

      The photos are from my phone using instagram or other image editing software. It’s amazing how a slight tweak of contrast or color and a cropped composition make all the difference. Because i work from photos in my paintings, i see painting poossibilities in many images, including blurry ones….which is a plus, since I’m a crap photographer in general.

      I have long considered some book endeavor, i just haven’t decided on which path to take. Thanks again for finding my blog, enjoying my musings and artwork, and taking the time to write. 🙂



  2. Margret says:

    Dear Marianne- I can’t believe you can be one so disheartened when it appears you are so successful. I looked on your etsy page to purchase some of your beautiful artwork, and you only have 11 pieces left! Can this be true?! It must be….in particular, I really love the minis on the fence posts, and it looks like they are all gone! whoa is me! So, now I’m looking for your next show or gallery showing. Please keep us in the loop! There are probably so many other readers like me out there. Your blog has been a fantastic journey for a layman like me. Seeing a young artist such as yourself, your generation and the specific trials and tribulations of your life in 2010, your thought processes, your personal journey, watching you grow as an artist, the wonderful success of the “Heart” project. Keep it coming! And, how can I purchase some of these newer pieces you have just posted? (I.e. coit tower, etc..). ??


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