Cocoon of Rock


This just in! I love gold.

Day 176: Golden

Call me old-fashioned, but I love CDs. I know, it’s kind of like hearing someone make a case for the 8-track. But there’s just something about the sound quality that is lost in the digitization of it. I especially love listening to CDs in my car, which has a single CD capacity (gasp!) since it’s an ’03. It also has a cassette tape player, which I rediscovered the other day while changing CDs on the drive to and from SF.

Detail of splashes of watercolor & photocopy transfer of the fishhook stitch

I suppose I knew the cassette player was there, but I’ve never used it. The last tape I even remember owning was a Boys II Men cassette in sixth grade. I think I remember being surprised that the cassette function was even there when the car was new, now that I think about it.

Why dots? Why not?

But I’m thankful for the CD player, because listening to a CD in the car nice and loud with the windows up is almost a holy experience. When the bass shakes the pennies in the door, the singer’s voice hums fuzzy in my water bottle, I am ensconced in sound, swaddled in melody, immersed in the rapture of rock.

I didn't dip a cup in paint, btw, if that's what you're wondering. 😉

Floating on a MUSE-made cloud of awesome this morning as I made a canvas run, I returned to spend several hours on the new cityscape.

So far from done. I haven't even done a single window yet. Sadness.

After making some (slow) progress there, I created another mixed media piece like yesterday’s in gold, orange and blue. Including a dictionary page, map of the bay area, Victorian key images, stitching references and sewing patterns, this 8×10” painting is an abstract loosely based on my love for my unofficial hometown, San Francisco. Which reminds me- Happy Pride Week to my LGBT brothers & sisters!

P.S. Which MUSE songs inspired this blog post? Tracks 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, & 8 off of their debut album, Showbiz.


2 thoughts on “Cocoon of Rock

  1. bwahahahaha – oh shiny – delicious. gotta give it to you – your palette is juicy – altho it’s your over all sense of rich layered texture that Hooks me. …okay okay, among other things. a muse? yeah, you inspire. way cool on that. i may have to work in a hook as well. cool. these are a treat (thanks for the detrail). oh. yeah. aloha.


    • It’s great to hear from other artists on these kinds of things. I am totally in my little world of solitary making these days, so it helps to hear what people like you think. Thank you!


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