Day 135: “Misbegotten” Art Card

Ah, Red. Poppy red- bright red with a twinge of orange in it- is my favorite color. To be fair, I love most colors. But there’s just something about red. That was fun about today’s piece- the textured red paper behind the drawing on the dictionary page, the red stamp and thread in the photo…the perceptive (and nerdy) in my blog reading crowd will also notice a unique bit of red in the upper left of the first photo- the distinctive red of the Star Trek officer’s tunic. Ah, Jean-Luc. Our illustrious captain is talking to Deanna Troy about a menacing entity they’ve encountered that just killed a crewmember (enson status + red shirt = trouble), and they are on red alert. See a pattern here? 🙂

Today’s drawing of a hillside in SF is on the “misbegotten” page, which has some other fabulous “mis” words that I hope remain in our beloved vernacular like “misadventure”, “misanthrope” and “misappropriate”. I have to wonder if the long-used prefix “mis” has somehow sunken into our social consciousness as being connected to its homonym “miss”. Maybe our ears have started to tell our brains that anytime we’re thinking of a “miss”, something must be wrong with her. After all, the title word on this page, misbegotten, hearkens back to its original definition of illegitimate birth- some “miss” who was “misadvised” and thought it was okay to pop out a baby without having become a “mrs” first. You came here for some art and ended up beset with an English lesson and geekery. That’s your “misapprehension”, bub! ArtProject2010 is like life- you never know what you’re going to get. 😉

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