Day 126: Corn on the Card

Today’s piece is an art card made with a linocut of corn. When I look at a nice ear of yellow corn, with its glittering kernels peeking out from nature’s green wrapping paper, I marvel at the beauty of the earth. But I can’t think about corn without also thinking about high fructose corn syrup, and I can’t think about HFCS without thinking about those commercials poking fun at us idiot consumers who aren’t even able to verbalize why it’s bad. With battered insulin responses as a key contributing factor to weight gain and diabetes in our country and in our youth, it’s truly insulting that this marketing campaign thinks we can’t understand why it’s unsafe. And that’s without considering the genetically modified organism issue!

In my Netflix queue is King Corn, a documentary following two eco-activists who embark on a mission to grow their own acre of corn and learn about corn farming firsthand. Some other movies that cover food health issues and farming practices in the US are Food Inc and The Corporation. Here’s a video detailing a study finding that GMO corn causes organ failure.

Printed on to another vintage cookbook page, this one featuring such corn-tastic delights as baked corn custard and surprise corn casserole. Yum! It’s sewn on to a heavy cardblank with olive thread. I think it would look nice framed on a wall too. What do you think?

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