Bus fare, anyone?

You must be a tourist to ride this ride.

Day 168: F Line

Do not attempt to adjust your monitors- it’s painted like that. 😉 When I first saw these classic buses on the Embarcadero, I immediately assumed they were classy-looking props for those Dockers ads. Then I noticed real people were actually on them, not just film crews in fabulous khakis.

I've decided the bus is named Bessie.

This is the latest beast (i.e. cityscape) I’ve been hammering away at for the last week or so. AND IT’S DONE! Woohoo! I didn’t select the title, The F Line, as an inside joke to allude to a cuss word or anything, so get your mind out of the gutter. It’s an actual transit service in San Francisco utilizing refurbished historic streetcars. (Check it out here) So you can actually jump on to one of these glossy, curvy ladies in SF for a nice little tour. How about that?

Who knew those big ass steel things that are a bitch to drive over could be so pretty?

While I did work on this for more than one day, I’m using it as today’s artwork. It’s 11 pm and I’m not going to force out some poem or drawing at this point just to satisfy my own “rule”. They’re MY rules, anyway. Executive decision. 😉 On 18″x24″ heavy duty canvas in acrylic, this is The F Line. It’ll be up with Valencia Blue & Peking Bazaar at the City Art Gallery in SF in July. Hope you like it!

Suck it, Kinkade.