6 months of AWESOME ;)

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Day 187: 6 Months of Daily Art Video

As I’ve just passed the six month mark, I thought it fitting that today’s artwork should be a video encompassing all the completed work-to-date. So, if you’re new to the blog, missed some stuff, or just want to enjoy 6 entire months’ work of work squished into four tiny minutes set to a groovy tune, check it out!

And to everyone who’s been following the blog, thanks for all the support. Your comments and ongoing interest in my ramblings and figurative art trek to the top of Mt. Everest have been encouraging, heart-warming and inspiring. I would take time to pat myself on the back, but it’s only a few hours until it’s time to make something new! So I’ll catch my breath in 2011. 🙂


Let’s go tubin’!

Commission pieces- now with video!

Day 160: Evolution of “Nostalgia”

Hello darlings! If you read my blog regularly, you may recognize the above as my recently completed commission piece for Bruce & Dave entitled “Nostalgia”. Measuring 4 feet square on a wood panel, I worked on this for a little over a month using stamps and other vintage paper bits Bruce provided (plus some others I added). I took photos of it during the process and compiled them into a “making of” video. Today’s artwork is the end result, a video! I can’t embed it here because WordPress wants money for that, so head on over to YouTube and check it out!