Day 42

So yesterday when I was in Old Sacramento, I happened to walk by a chocolate shop… which means I went in and bought chocolate. How could I not? It smelled FABULOUS. It was like one of those cartoons- I sniffed the air, the alluring aroma of freshly made chocolate wafted into my nostrils, my butt magically lifted into the air and I floated in, following the scent of yummy. I only got 2 small pieces each for Rob and I- that fancy chocolate is expensive- but I also got a photo of the shelves of candied (or should I say chocolate/nutted) apples in the window, courtesy of the really happy looking guy working the giant copper pot. Unfortunately, the photo came out like this:

So I knew I’d have to improvise and mentally remove the glare from my mad photo skills if I was going to paint it. While pondering that, I couldn’t help but think of the inimitable Wayne Thiebaud and his Candy Apples

I love Thiebaud and his brilliant use of color, and I loved this painting the minute I first saw it. I even painted it- we had to do a few “master copy” assignments in art college. And today’s painting is nowhere near as glorious or skilled as Thiebaud’s is, but it still makes me happy. The feeling I had while I was walking up and down the streets of Old Sacramento was wonderment. The scent of sugar felt like childhood. And what’s childhood without some chocolate or a candy apple now and then, right? If you want to visit this spot, it’s the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Old Sacramento. Both the cashier and chocolatier were very friendly, and did I mention they sell THESE? 🙂