Day 121: Hello, Operator?

Mom sent me a text message last night telling me she liked the linocuts, but where was the antique telephone stay-in-touch card? In the queue, I said! And here it is. The test print is on the cover page for a book from 1950 I picked up at the thrift store the other day called “Everyday Speech”. Tee hee!

I think these old phones are so charming because they make me think of a room full of ladies in front of a giant switchboard, pulling and plugging cables tirelessly. In fact, I think my grandma may have worked as a switchboard operator for a bit! (Refresh my memory on that one, gramma!) That was before the convenience of cell phones, of course.

When I watch a movie from the 70’s or 80’s and see characters rushing to payphones that still work, it’s almost comical. In fact, I don’t even have a land line. We are so immersed in wireless these days we don’t even think twice about it- but with all the evidence surfacing linking cell phones to cancer and other physical issues, maybe we should be taking a closer look.

Rob stumbled across this article, entitled “The Radiation Poisoning of America”, written by Amy Worthington of the Idaho Observer, on the internet the other day. It reads like a Michael Moore movie about the conspiracy to hide the dangers of wireless radiation. At first I was a little pissed off and we got into a tiff about it. It went something like, “Come on, Debbie Downer! What else do I have to be afraid of, huh? Can I sit on the couch or is there some new couch cancer I need to worry about?”

But the people suffering from these things don’t take them lightly, and I shouldn’t either. After calming down and reading more, it became so clear that we should do what we can to reduce our exposure to wireless radiation. After all, this is isn’t the first I’ve heard about this danger. And I have x-ray techs in my family, so I don’t use the term radiation lightly. I know it sounds all sci-fi and laser-guns to say “radiation”. But how do you think cell phones work, anyway? My tongue-in-cheek answer would have been “magic”, but I’m an adult now. Guess I gotta pay attention to stuff like this.

If you’re concerned or want to learn more, check out this link to the aforementioned article or just google “cell phone radiation”. Then install one of these babies and change your phone number to Klondike-121! 😉