Day 103: Telegraph Cables, a linocut

Since I’ll be starting work on a commission project tomorrow (don’t worry, I’m still making a piece/day for AP2010), I decided to clean up the studio a bit. It’s a front-facing room where it gets a lot of sun, so it can sometimes be a catch-all for stuff I haven’t decided where to put yet or get tired of carrying. Plus, you know, I have stacks and stacks of flipping canvases in there. So, there’s that.  😉 While I was cleaning, I realized I still had a small stack of blank lino blocks.

As y’all probably know by now, I’m a big fan of cityscapes. And since I’ve been doing linocuts lately, I decided to try my hand at a city scene today. My hand and neck have some choice words about the carving, but they’ll have time to rest while I sit in a jury selection room all day tomorrow trying to seem mentally/emotionally/socially unbalanced enough to not be a great choice for either the prosecution or the defense. 😉 All I really know about this process is gleaned from watching episodes of Medium, so I’ll be sure to answer things honestly in case they have a psychic on hand. You know- just to play it safe.


Today’s piece, Telegraph Cables, is a linocut from a photo I took in San Francisco. I know we don’t really use telegraphs much these days (although could someone still do that? How awesome would it be to get a telegram, dude?! It would be like someone from the past had sent a message into the future… to you!! /end tangent), there is a Telegraph Hill in SF, and it’s more romantic than “telephone pole”. Just ask Ella. You’ll probably see this one as a card set in my Etsy shop soon.