Vitamin D

Feverfew shadows

Day 163: Park Shadows

Discovering another beautiful blue sky today, Rob & I decided to go out to a public garden we found online. Normally I’d link to it, but this park shall remain nameless due to a no-puppy policy we found out about too late. An elderly couple gave us the evil eye and left us a note on our car to ensure their glare didn’t go unnoticed. Little do they know our dog has a mortal fear of public potty functions. Seriously- he would hold it straight through to illness rather than relieve himself in nature. So there are no worries there.

But even the cranky note didn’t spoil our mood. It was serene and lovely. Small, but well-tended with little paths, we found the park vibrant and energizing. Rob took some amazing shots of redwoods and other beautiful bits of flora, and I focused on the awesome shadows all over the place. Two of my favorites were the rod iron bench with succulents and the feverfew bush.

Succulents and bench

And of course, there’s nothing like the most adorable dog in the world out in the wild to make me smile. 🙂  P.S. Work continued on the new cityscape.