Day 10

When I was a teenager, I was really into Marilyn Monroe and old hollywood glamour. My mom even set up this little vanity for me in my bedroom, which she had decorated in gold, pink and cream. It was fabulous and I loved it. I still love the idea of lounging around in a silken nightgown and Marabou slippers, doing my makeup just right, spending hours to pick the perfect vintage ballgown for some champagne filled gala in some black and white fantasy world free of stress.

I headed to again today to look through vintage items for inspiration and found this. It brought out all those wannabe-bombshell memories again. I decided to honor that “old-timey” feel and draw it in charcoal. It’s always a good idea to practice one’s drawing skills, and with this glass base, it was trickier than I had planned. Did you know these things are called “atomizers”? How cool is that?