Day 117: Spin a yarn!

Enjoying the rainy day (I know, I’m weird, I like drizzly days), I set to work on the commission project this morning. Things were going well and when I stopped for lunch, Rob had a live broadcast of Goldman Sachs’ CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, giving testimony to the senate on the tv. Even though this guy and presumably everyone on Wall Street that helped fubar the economy have fiery-hot tickets straight to hell burning holes through their pockets and everyone with half a brain knows they’re guilty of SOME fiscal misconduct, this guy sat there denying all wrongdoing.

Well, to be more accurate, he did a lot of fumbling and pausing and changing of sentences. After a couple minutes of it, Rob & I simultaneously realized that he was essentially portraying Fred Armisen of SNL’s character Nicholas Fehn- a political commentator who is incapable of finishing a sentence without starting a new one. (You can watch a clip of this character here on hulu. You might have to watch a 20 second toilet paper commercial first though. So just a heads-up.)

I was hoping that one of the Senators would lose it and say what all of America watching was thinking, which would have been “Hi, yes, I was just wondering what it’s like to be a TOTAL LIAR?”. Since that didn’t happen, I’m hoping someone at NBC was watching and will have Fred Armisen do a skit as this guy next week. Ball’s in your court, NBC. That’s some perfect funny on a plate right there. SERVE IT UP.

Anyway, when it got around to the daily art project, I decided to do another old-timey linocut. Since I watched this dude spin yarns for a good hour or so, I picked a spinning wheel for today’s piece. 🙂 I tried printing it on some heavy canvas and that came out pretty light, but the paper one ended up a little better. I used the “vermeil” page from the dictionary. One part of the testimony revealed that Goldman Sachs can essentially have the Fed print money to help them maintain a clean balance sheet. The combination of the spinning wheel image on the “vermeil” page amused me because Blankfein seemed so separate and oblivious from the common man’s money troubles, I could imagine him saying “let them spin gold” ala “let them eat cake”. I mean, if they can make money out of nothing, why can’t we?

P.S. You may notice lots of links in today’s post. Unlike this guy, who couldn’t seem to remember any vital details he was being asked about and didn’t have any reference material to jog his memory, I cite my sources. This link is a hilarious play-by-play of the testimony at