Day 48

“Leaving San Francisco is like saying goodbye to an old sweetheart. You want to linger as long as possible.” -Walter Cronkite, found here.

I do love the city. I could never live there, because driving in San Francisco is hazardous and terrifying and the parking frustrations alone are enough to incite violence, but I do love to visit. This skyline is from a photo I took while standing across the bay in Berkeley. I was visiting Berkeley for a photo shoot- I used one of those pictures for Day 27’s watercolor- and I couldn’t help snapping a few shots of my old gray friend across the way while I was there. Living in the Bay Area taught me to love all the many variations of gray. I can smell the salty, damp air when I look at this.

Painting on this wood is fun and different. The texture is like velvet. The grain resists the paint, but I don’t mind. And it seems like it would be faster to paint in “miniature”- these blocks are about 4 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep- but it’s such a contrast from what I’m used to. I started out painting murals as a kid, and from there went to pretty large canvases. Only recently (these past few months for the most part) have I done small-scale work on a regular basis. I keep trying to make things bigger than they should be. 🙂

I’m only a month and a half in, but already I’ve learned A LOT about myself as an artist. I sincerely recommend this challenge to other artists. Try making something every day for a month straight. You’ll be surprised and probably amazed with what you end up with. 🙂