Why, I dare say that’s a dog costume, Watson!

"You're using a dog costume as daily art? Seriously?"

Day 256: Upcycled Dog Costume

I created a couple of dog costumes last year, and they flew off the digital shelves on Etsy. I’m not sure if this was because:

A. Chester (model) is super adorable

B. Small dog owners are slightly crazy

C. All of the above

But this year I had more requests, and I still have a guest room full of fabric, so I agreed to bust out a couple more custom creations. I had intended to post an instructable on how to make an upcycled Sherlock Holmes dog costume as today’s art, but this whole preparing for the Bravo casting call thing is really time consuming. So consider this a part 1- the finished example. Part 2 will be the how-to/pattern.

Old sportcoat= $2 at the thrift store. Making it into a costume for a puppy named Sherlock = priceless. Mastercard can't sue me for saying that, right? If so, I retract it. 😀