Day 62: Seepage

While I use technology frequently, I’m not one of those people who must have the newest gadget. That’s right, there’s no iPad in my living room. Lately my cell phone has been ignoring some of my button-pushing, so I’m considering getting a new one (unsurprisingly I’ve surpassed the two year mark for new phone credit with my carrier). So we looked up some charts about radiation output to find the safest ones for me to use since we don’t have a landline, and that branched off to studying ways to neutralize electromagnetic dangers in general.

When I started painting this, my intention was to do a study in shades of gray. But about  a third of the way through, color started nagging at me. “C’mon, gray is so boring! Just a little yellow.. or orange.. how about some orange?” So I started adding in some yellow, and then it got to be this landscape-y thing, and then I got the idea of referencing things like environmental hazards/pollutants (grocery shopping takes longer when you’re looking for all organic ingredients) with some subtle brown staining in the deep “dirt” of the painting, and a smoggy red smear on the horizon, and then out of nowhere came this little charcoal depiction of an electrical tower, and it was done. 🙂