Day 111: Drops

Something I’ve found to be really interesting about making art daily is that I’m much more inclined to make series pieces. It’s actually fun for me to develop a concept or idea or painting style by approaching it in different ways through different pieces- something I thought would be mad boring when I was a teenager and could barely keep my attention focused on a single piece from start to finish. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still massively impatient, but somehow I think having worked day jobs and making myself not run screaming out of the room when boredom creeps in has trained me to be a better painter.

It was raining this morning when I went into the studio, and suddenly it occurred to me to make today’s piece- “Drops”-which is very much like yesterday’s painting, “Buds”, except that instead of sprouting upward and being connected, these circles with lines are falling downward independently. I know- the creativity meter is off the charts. A rain painting… on a rainy day. Wow. Please, try to contain your amazement. 😉

I can think of at least one other way just changing the line direction and the color could work for another painting (that’s my attempt at a tv-style cliffhanger to keep you tuned in for tomorrow’s post), so find out if I’m successful when we return. 🙂