Lump of lymph

"Pensive Puppy", a photo

Day 301: Pensive Puppy, a photo

Man. I feel like a giant pair of sore lymph nodes with a head and limbs sticking out of them. I’ve mainly been in bed with the comfort of my sweet little Chessie-loo (aka Chester). Being sick sucks, but being sick with the companionship of a trusted dog always helps. They always seem to know when you aren’t feeling good and stay by your side. Chester even let me share the blanket, a crocheted afghan quilt my grammama made for me. Now all I need is some soup- good thing the husband’s here to order around. 😉 Today’s piece is a photo of my sidekick. I know it’s a bit blurry, but hey- that’s a chihuahua. Rarely still for long.