Where did my edge go?

"R", an 8x10" mixed media painting on canvas.

Day 152: R is for ROCK!

I was into punk as a teenager. I have some fond memories of Bad Religion concerts, like the time I saved some junkie from killing himself at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz with a swift elbow to the sternum and met Greg Hetson in the same night by eavesdropping on tata-flashing groupies.

Whenever a song like “Brick” by Ben Folds Five would come on the radio, I’d get annoyed and switch it. My friend and I crafted the moniker “sad bastard music” for these sensitive man songs. Yet here, only a scant decade later, I find myself enjoying bands like Death Cab for Cutie and Coldplay. What happened? When did I become a softie? Where did my edge go?

I’d like to think I could still attend a concert and enjoy it. If I get there and find that “all these kids” are annoying me, I’ll have proof I’m getting old. Next time we can afford tickets to something cool, I’m going to be totally prepared to rock out. With earplugs. Hey- no need to be old and deaf, right?

Detail shot of painting showing dictionary page

So, ladies and gents, ArtProject2010 has made it to month 6 free of any nervous breakdowns. Yay! Some new stuff is on the horizon for June. This month, you’ll see:

Blog post titles! Instead of just the day number, I’ll title each day’s post to give you a hint as to what snarky or sentimental topic lies therein. Day numbers and artwork titles will be included in the body of the posting.

Hands & Hands– The “Old & New” series continues with my first month-long project. I’ll be finishing up a 4 foot square oil painting of a metalsmith’s hands I started over 4 years ago and taking a photo of my paint-splattered hands each day. At the end, I’ll be able to display the hand photos next to the giant hand painting, hopefully symmetrically assuming my “math for art majors” course in community college covered stuff like this.

Videos! I’m working on another speedy slideshow like this one to show months 3 & 4, plus a video showing the commission piece from start to finish. (Stay tuned, Bruce!)

Flickr! I finally started uploading images to Flickr. Are you on Flickr? Find/friend me! I’m trucdart.

Radiation table from vintage physics book

Today’s daily art piece is a mixed media painting incorporating bits of vintage ephemera with the letter R as the theme. I am considering making one for every letter of the alphabet since I liked the C & D ones so much.