Day 113: Pods

I’m pretty sure that I couldn’t use acrylic paint without acrylic matte medium. It’s a clear extender for regular paint, which is really important if you want the paint to be anything other than globby and opaque. (Globby is a technical art term, btw 😉 )

You can use water, but if you use too much water, it will run. The thing about acrylic matte medium is that it dries clear. I ALWAYS get paint all over my hands (and usually on whatever clothing and floors/walls I’m near), medium notwithstanding. Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m scraping dry medium or dry skin off my oft-washed hands. It’s a little creepy.

I’m pleased that today’s painting, “Pods”, despite the potentially creepy title (i.e. facehugger hatching pods from Alien), is pretty cheery. I think it’s a great finish for this set of 4 organic abstracts. Coming soon to a card set near you! Okay, that doesn’t make perfect sense, but you get the picture. I’m making cards. Sigh. Happy Friday everyone!