Stroll through Sac

"Snuggle", a photo from midtown

Day 217: Stroll through Sac

I’ve been meaning to take some painting reference images of buildings in Sacramento since I moved here…. which was two years ago. So… yeah. Time to bust out the camera. At first I was thinking I should have waited until the dusk to get that “golden hour” photo people talk about, but once I began walking around the shady streets in the “city of trees” (that’s what they call it, I’m not just using quotes for fun), I was glad I’d decided to come out. I enjoy the old buildings so much more than the giant skyscrapers, so I took a bunch of photos of random homes. Amongst them, I also happened upon a few amusing vignettes:

"Lashes", a photo from midtown

…a banana seat bike snuggling up to a tree while a hydrant looks on longingly (top of post), the surprisingly Wall-E like eyeballs of the railroad doo-dad (above) and a pole so transformed by layers of posters and staples, I thought I was in Berkeley for a minute:

"Bark", a photo from midtown

I also did some more work on the oil painting, which I am hoping to have finished and finally revealed to you lovely people tomorrow. Fingers crossed. 🙂