They say love.. it is a river…

"Love Molecule" Abstract acrylic painting on 16x20" canvas


Day 281: Love Molecule

Rob is some kind of amazing internet detective who finds information on the coolest forgotten science nuggets I’ve ever heard. One recent discovery was Royal Raymond Rife, a scientist who invented “The Universal Microscope” through which he was able to color-stain live viruses with light (after all, color is frequency) and determine their death frequencies- kind of like when you hit the right frequency to make a glass break. It’s essentially a cure for all viruses with frequency that was proven in live patient tests in 1934- unsurprisingly, this technology has been suppressed. There’s surely a lot more money in prescription drugs than using electricity. Did you know that the doctor who suggested surgeons wash their hands between patients ended up killing himself after becoming a laughingstock?

Detail shot

Today I worked on the doggie costumes and a large scale commission painting. After dinner, I decided to do something besides a woodblock today. I did a drawing study on newsprint the other day and today I finished the painting version of it. It’s got a lot of texture- I sculpted thick Gesso with a palette knife and did some washes of warm colors over it.  It ended up being something that I think resembles what the love molecule might look like if we could see it in color under a microscope. 🙂

(You can get a good explanation of his technology by watching the first 5-6 minutes of this video; the rest is the story of a device built around these ideas and testimonials from patients who’ve used it. Or google Royal Rife.)


Today's painting with the paper study from the other day


Day 128: Smooching Snails

Smooching Snails Linocut Card

We’ve been sprucing up the garden a bit lately, and while spiders scare the crap out of me, I do enjoy being around the other little critters. Rob cares for all plants and creatures great and small and rescues the creepy crawlies from the house pretty often. Being around the pill bugs, ladybugs, worms and bees today recalled fond childhood memories of playing in the yard with my sister. My little sis, Ashley, loves snails and has always been a protector of these little guys. Today’s linocut is in her honor. She is a newlywed and she and her husband are perfect for each other- just like this pair, mid-smooch on little blades of grass.

Oh also, did anyone catch the Sharks game? Because they won the second round and are moving on! Oh yeah! I know, really important news that everyone must needs urgently, right? You’re welcome!

I’ll be announcing the winner of a free linocut card tomorrow evening! There’s still time to enter. Visit Day 123 to add your comment for a chance to win.