The taxman

"Looming", acrylic on 18" x 24" canvas

Day 292: “Looming”, acrylic painting on canvas

Today’s piece is a cityscape I started several months ago and then set aside in frustration. It made a comeback yesterday and to my delight, got finished up today. I used a reference photograph I took in San Francisco’s Financial District. At that moment, I remember being intrigued by the warm, glowing lights and feeling the excited energy of the couple in formalwear and the crowd lined up to my left. Then as I looked up, the skyscrapers I imagined held financial offices of credit card agencies and banks slept with one eye open, a  frowning over the weekend-good-time below.

Detail shot lower left

I finished it off with some charcoal detail to get that drawing quality I enjoy sneaking into my cityscapes at the end.

Detail lower right