So Happy Together

"Triptych" is just a fancy word for "trio". Don't be intimidated. 🙂

Day 186: The ABCs of SF

After an art-filled weekend of openings and gallery sitting, I was pleased to sell a woodblock painting, mini canvas and several cards including all of these dictionary drawing ones from days 132-135.

I chose A, B & C words that somehow describe my feelings for the city.

I consider this proof that though I’ve never met anyone who’s openly admitted a similar obsession to dictionaries as I have, you closet logophiles are out there. It could also have something to do with City Art Gallery’s close proximity to seventeen bookstores. Either way, I decided to put my dictionary cityscapes and my woodblocks into a dark room together with some soft jazz and see what happened. Et voila! “The ABCs of SF” was born.

Each piece measures about 4 inches square and 2 inches deep.

Today’s art is a mixed media triptych on wood block. To create “The ABCs of SF” I used vintage Spanish/English dictionary pages with the words ‘Amaze’, ‘Bubble’ and ‘Canopy’. The cityscapes began with watercolor pencil and pen on the paper bits. The urban sprawl progressed with acrylic paint, and the blue sky got a couple layers of white and light yellow oil pastel which I rubbed in to emphasize the wood grain texture. Even though I’ve created really large scale work as a mural painter, I have to say there’s something charming and joyful about being able to hold a tiny piece of city in your hands. I much prefer doing landscapes/cityscapes to abstracts on these woodblocks since the heavy grain feels like a visual manifestation of energy’s frequency in the “air” of my compositions.

With all the buildings in SF, I sometimes forget how many trees there actually are. Hillside views like this are a good reminder.

I’m showing at City Art Gallery again in October, and right now my plan is to go with a wall of minis, so I’m gearing up. 🙂

I can smell the sea air just looking at this.