Day 104: Hold

I wonder if there will come a day that I have the courage to draw people out in extremely public places where they’d undoubtedly notice me staring at them. Like the waiting room at the courthouse. I didn’t even bring pencils because the last time I tried to draw people they kept seeing me doing it and then wanted to see. Plus people have the gall to keep moving around while I secretly draw them. The nerve. 😉

This afternoon, I pulled out my old copy of the Iliad and flipped a couple of pages in. I had some charcoal at the ready and no plans. I noticed the line “shall lay violent hands upon thee” at the bottom and remembered how I used to draw my left hand all the time. It’s one of those things. If you’re going to be a good “draw-er” (is there a formal term for one who draws that isn’t the same word as a piece of furniture? Help me out, my vocabulary-loving friends!), you need to be able to draw a few things well- namely, hands and leaves. If you can draw hands well, you’ve got a leg up on drawing faces and figures. And if you can draw a leaf well, if you really understand a leaf (one of my cherished teachers told me) you can draw anything in nature.

I haven’t drawn any hands in awhile, so I took a crack at it. I was pleasantly surprised that all that time spent getting hand cramps and going nuts between the difference in left eye/right eye views was worth something after all.  🙂