Fire & Fog

"Burn", acrylic painting on 16" x 20" canvas

Day 311: Burn, a painting

I was glad for a rainy gray day- then again, it rarely rains here, so I’m able to enjoy them when they do come- and started this canvas out with shades of gray and black. Then I got out a ‘big gun’ from my paintbox and what began as a color study became a moody homage to my dear Golden Gate.

Cadmium Red Light- a flaming orange red color- is my new favorite paint color. I like the bright ones, what can I say? I don’t follow baseball and am not a Giants fan, but clearly I’m not immune to the influence of orange and black bombardment that the World Series and Halloween have generated lately. Of course when it comes to Hockey, that’s a completely different story…. go Sharks! 😉