Day 93: Fireflies

Sometimes I feel like I should title these posts “Pretending to be an Artist, Day 93”, or “Acting Like Thousands of People Read This Blog, Day 93”. Other times I feel like titling them “I am a f-ing Rock Star” or “Why Aren’t You Calling Yet, New York?”. So I’m glad we all agreed on me using actual titles of paintings so there’s no need to subject anyone to my moody whim statements.

Today’s piece, Fireflies, is another oil painting on 12” square heavy duty canvas. I’ve never actually seen a firefly in person, but I can picture the experience from photos and descriptions. I can imagine standing in a meadow at dusk, watching tiny orbs begin to glow and hover like some kind of adorable UFO. I’m still a little terrified when I get out the tubes of oil, but I’m expecting that to give way to excitement at some point.