Day 118: Beat it, Bub

I see this linocut on a break-up card- this image on the front and a simple “Beat It, Bub” for wording on the inside. It would get the message across, right? 😉

Better ideas include a bake sale announcement, potluck invite or flyer for a “Backyard Bitch Bake-off”, which I have just invented right this very moment but which probably exist already in towns all across the Midwest under more polite titles like “Block Party BBQ”. If TLC or Lifetime or the Food Network steal that alliterative gem for their next series, all I ask in return are samples of the baked goods.

Rob & I had a chicken pot pie from Whole Foods (they prepare them there in their kitchen of all things wonderful) tonight with a salad and some pear slices, and it was FABULOUS! Whoever said “you know, this fruit inside of pie crust thing is lovely, but here’s an idea…” and then created this amazing melee of peas, carrots, potatoes, chicken and gravy is a beautiful person. Thank you, inventor of the chicken pot pie. An even bigger thank you to the recipe master for Whole Foods- SO GOOD. I can’t even tell you. It’s pure yummyness.

While I don’t love cooking, I do love baking. It’s really as if every ingredient is saturated with love. This is why people insist you try something they’ve baked even if you’re insanely full. And baking’s been popular for ages- even back in the day when eggbeaters looked suspiciously like medieval pleasure implements (thanks, History channel!). See, baking is mingled with love no matter how you slice it! Today’s linocut is pictured on my modern-day persimmon KitchenAid, which my awesome mom got us for Christmas. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. Now, go bake something! To get you started, here’s my favorite cookie recipe as of late- melt in your mouth (they aren’t kidding) shortbread cookies from I added Ghirardelli chocolate chips. AMAZING!