Day 128: Smooching Snails

Smooching Snails Linocut Card

We’ve been sprucing up the garden a bit lately, and while spiders scare the crap out of me, I do enjoy being around the other little critters. Rob cares for all plants and creatures great and small and rescues the creepy crawlies from the house pretty often. Being around the pill bugs, ladybugs, worms and bees today recalled fond childhood memories of playing in the yard with my sister. My little sis, Ashley, loves snails and has always been a protector of these little guys. Today’s linocut is in her honor. She is a newlywed and she and her husband are perfect for each other- just like this pair, mid-smooch on little blades of grass.

Oh also, did anyone catch the Sharks game? Because they won the second round and are moving on! Oh yeah! I know, really important news that everyone must needs urgently, right? You’re welcome!

I’ll be announcing the winner of a free linocut card tomorrow evening! There’s still time to enter. Visit Day 123 to add your comment for a chance to win.  

Day 122: Cuddling Cuttlefish

Seth & Steph Ceph, The Cuddling Cuttlefish!

I caught the tail end of some undersea science show the other day that briefly highlighted the fascinating cuttlefish. Cuttlefish are actually cephalopods, not fish. They are masters of camouflage and are oddly adorable to me in some weird, squishy way. I thought, “Wouldn’t two cuddling cuttlefish be a cute drawing?” and then today I made up a linocut to answer that question. I think the answer is yes!

This is printed on to a 5×7” card. I just got this great new stamp from LoveToCreateStamps on Etsy, and putting that mark on the back made it feel like a professional card. It’s the little things that bring me joy, like Seth and Steph Ceph, my Cuddling Cuttlefish. 🙂 And in the vein of our tentacled brethren, I’m off to watch Octopussy! Yay Bondathons!

Custom rubber stamp from LoveToCreateStamps on Etsy

Day 120: Pucker up!

In honor of today’s milestone- having made it 1/3 of the way through this project- I thought today’s art piece should be celebratory. Enter a linocut of the lemon (or lime) squeezer! This thing is a really essential invention if you enjoy margaritas like I do, which is why it’s pictured with my green squeezer. 🙂

Instead of paper, I tried this linocut on a pretty yellow cotton print and the detail came out well. I added another layer of fabric behind it- this awesome Mexican-blanket-esque vintage linen- and sewed it all to one of my brand new cardblanks that just arrived today. The card factory is about to open over here. I’ve been making linocut blocks like mad, and I’ll have card sets for sale in my Etsy shop any day now, so keep an eye out.

I think this card would be great to cheer up a buddy as an invitation for drinks. The inside could read:  “Let’s call in sick to work for Cinco de Drinko!” or “When life gives you lemons, order tequila.”  What do you think? Am I on to something? 😉 Thanks for sticking with me through this journey, friends!