About ArtProject2010

I’m currently engaged in a new daily year-long art challenge called “Poems & Pictures”. I’ll be posting a photograph or drawing that I create every day along with a short poem I write. Each week will end with a poll asking you to vote for your favorite pair of the week. At the end of the challenge, I’ll put some of my favorites into a limited edition book based on those votes. Thanks for tuning in!

Art Project 2010 was a self-imposed challenge I completed on 12/31/2010 to create a new piece of art every single day for the entire year. Every day, I posted a new piece of artwork here on my blog and wrote about the artmaking process and my inspiration for the piece.

This project was a fantastic journey that helped me to define my aesthetic, forced me to find inspiration from new & unforeseen sources, allowed me to develop my artistic perspective and helped me to become a more productive maker of artwork.

Artwork included drawings, paintings, poetry, photos, linocuts, jewelry, fabric art, sculpture and mixed media work. All of the work will remain posted on this blog and can be reviewed through the archives.

ArtProject2010.info will continue to be the site of my art blog, where all my new work will be posted. Remaining pieces from this challenge are being added to my online shop for sale now at trucdart.com. If you are interested in showing my work at your venue, feel free to contact me by email: marianne.bland@gmail.com. Thanks!

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