The internet is taking over my life

Oh no, I’m on instagram.

First, an announcement: my blog is having a mid-blog-life crisis and is in the process of “finding itself”. So while the fictional persona that is my blog metaphorically backpacks through Europe, random types of posts will show up here on various topics. Enjoy- or don’t, it’s going to happen either way. 😉

In my day job, I work with a fantastic art college as a field rep. This means I get paid to traverse the Pacific Northwest, speaking candidly to art students about the “path” to becoming a professional artist. I call it a “path” because, like many things in life, the road to becoming a professional artist is not set in stone. It’s not paved at all, really. In fact, it’s more like when you go hiking, and you wander down what you think is a path, but then the brush starts to crowd in and you get that freakout feeling in your throat and say to yourself “oh crap, is this even a path AT ALL? WHERE AM I?”

Recently, my college started connecting future students through their own Facebook group where they can all chat with each other about what they’re bringing to campus and who their inspirations are and whatnot, and it’s quite stunning how engaged they are. And it also gives me a reason to be on Facebook with them, answering questions and making plans to meet up with students in my area. So I’ve been on there a lot lately- as opposed to being out in the real world visiting high schools, since they’re closed right now- and something started to happen.

While they were merrily sharing stories with students on Facebook, my fingertips wandered over to Pinterest and created an account. They snuck Instagram onto my phone. They downloaded ebooks. They logged into my blog dashboard. And now I’m slightly retracting myself from summer-hermit-status and making new connections and stretching my brain. It’s awful, just awful. 😉

I’m reading a couple books I’m enjoying that I’d like to recommend to my fellow creatives:

“A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future” by Daniel Pink 

“The Artist’s Guide: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love” by Jackie Battenfield

Alright, let’s see- random photo, random story, random book recommendations..what is this blog post missing? Ah, a random rant! What kind of blogger would I be without the occasional rant? It has been awhile. But this just burns my buttons…


I don’t have Progressive insurance personally. They didn’t screw me over in a claim or anything. But I did happen to catch one of their commercials recently- an unlikely event, seeing as how the speed at which I move to switch it from a Progressive commercial is second only to that reserved for the animal abuse ads- and the commercial goes like this:

1. First, obnoxious Stepford-spokesperson Flo uses what is apparently God’s P.A. system to address all people everywhere at once. They all stop and listen, of course. Including folks like a TSA agent and the guy getting his pat-down.

2. Next, she announces that we can all save a few cups of Starbucks’ worth of insurance premiums by simply putting A CAMERA IN OUR CARS. You know, no biggie.

3. Finally, she allows the mindless-zombie-sheep-people to resume their corporate-serving lives with a verbal dismissal.

Progressive, I am offended. In fact, I am offended². And I hope everyone who’s seen it is too. Why? Because they are essentially saying that:

  • we are at the mercy of every ad no matter where we are
  • we are unable to stop ourselves from absorbing ads as gospel
  • not only should we be comfortable with intrusions to our privacy in the forms of advertising on every surface, TSA pat-downs, and cameras in OUR CARS that watch, listen and report our every move to yet ANOTHER massive server farm, we should be thankful for them. They are saving us money, after all.

“Hey look, consumers, it’s your favorite! Brainwashing!” In the words of Lily Allen, @%$* you, Progressive. !#&% you very much.

See you next time, kiddies!



2 thoughts on “The internet is taking over my life

  1. Christina says:

    About 9 months ago I created my own Instagram account and I find it very enjoyable (less enjoyable now that FB has acquired it- more teenie-boppers posting annoying pictures of “duck face” and their new nail color of the day) but I digress. I think you will enjoy it Marianne! Also since you are binging on Internet right now (surely to purge later), might I recommend Tadaa and/or Streamzoo? Both apps are more artistically/photography based sites similar to IG, but much less inundated with people who should have stayed with FB to post pictures of their new Air Jordan’s and self-portrait bathroom mirror shots. I resisted Facebook for SO very long. So long, until one day a couple of months ago I was fed up with not being able to access a non-profit organization link to a story I was interested in. What?! Does EVERY company in the entire universe require you to have a FB account just to keep up with the times?! F*%$! Yes, yes they do. Welcome to the 21st Century…it took me quite a while to get here myself and I… am… still… resisting…


    • Oh my goodness, I’m so glad it’s not just me. Thanks Christina, I will check those out! It is totally a case of getting dragged in kicking and screaming until you realize it just can’t be avoided. What is WITH the duck face?? Read a book, you darn kids! 🙂


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